Promotional and Stands Activities

All booth activities and displays must reflect the nature of the Convention and are subject to review by the Health Matters Convention – Oleocanthal International Society (OIS). Promotional activities within the exhibition space are allowed as long as they do not interfere with the development of the Convention or disturb fellow exhibitors. The stands must not interfere with the traffic of other stands or of the Tastings, EVOO Showcooking, fotocol, or with the Conference room. It is possible to place posters inside your own stand (booth). It will not be authorized to place signs, posters, posters, in any place not indicated in the event, including the columns, floor, ceiling, walls or any type of posters in the Convention premises. The electrical and other mechanical devices must be switched off so that noise disturbances are not caused to the attending public or to other exhibitors at the Convention. Ultimately, it will be the Convention Directorate who will authorize or deny any activity.

The Health Matters Convention – OIS reserves the right to reject the rental of the stand (booth) to any company whose display of goods or services in its opinion is not compatible with the general nature and objectives of the meeting. Demonstrations, samples, materials, and sales activities “in situ” (taking orders for future fulfillment) are allowed only within the confines of spaces rented by a sponsor. Samples or souvenirs may not be sold and may not be distributed in a way that, in the sole and exclusive judgment of the Health Matters Convention – OIS, blocks aisles or in any way hinders other sponsors or impairs the flow of attendees.