Events planned for HMC 2022. 

The Second HEALTH MATTERS CONVENTION, “Health is what matters”, is held with the same directive elements: EVOO – Fatty Acids – Phenols – Mediterranean Diet.


The focus is to provide a state of the art educational that gives sufficient experience to develop knowledge and provide opportunities for discussion in the field of Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Dietetics and Nutrition and all this with the experience of Producers of EVOO and within the framework of the Mediterranean Diet.


It is about promoting useful tools so that the Consumer can evaluate the types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at their best convenience. Get to characterize to the maximum, from the chemical and sensory point of view.


Technological advances should help to manage tools that facilitate access to knowledge, data and, in general, a greater knowledge of the Health of citizens. Through implementing Discussion Panels, Interviews, Controversial Issues, and in a word, everything that serves to bring the Consumer and the Producer closer together, having as an intermediate element the Health of Citizens.